About Jericho Road Project

Jericho Road builds better communities by building better nonprofits, helping them meet their mission and impact peoples' lives.

Since 2003, our volunteer experts – strategic planners, marketers. IT experts, web designers and more – have helped nonprofits deliver stronger services to communities in Massachusetts and across the country.  Presently, Jericho Road serves more than 1,000,000 people a year through Affiliates in Roxbury, Worcester, Lowell, MA; Dallas, TX; and Pasadena, CA.   Jericho Road Project also has helped launch successful sites in Lawrence and Lynn, MA

Our Leadership Connection and Healthy Board Development programs also support nonprofits by building leadership skills, placing trained executives on their boards of directors, and coaching boards on how to set and reach healthy goals.  More than 100 executives trained by this program now serve on nonprofit boards throughout Massachusetts, and more than 30 nonprofit boards have received one-on-one support for setting and achieving new goals.

Jericho Road Project

Board of Directors August 2017

Halley McIlwain, Chair

Julie Gerschick, Treasurer








Andrew Macey
Robert Mast
Stacey Alcorn
Joan Kennedy
Lynn Budlong
Carol Duncan

National Advisory Board

Dorothy Chen-Courtin
Margo Winslow
Jeff Levinson