Jericho Road in Your Community

Jericho Road is a powerful model for creating change in your community.  Its power comes from connecting skilled professionals with nonprofit organizations, to provide the resources and talents these organizations need most, at no charge.  By giving a boost to your nonprofits through volunteer experts – by helping them serve others more effectively – you are also helping to build a better quality of life for everyone around you.

Can a Jericho Road site work in your community?

Our 3-step approach helps you decide whether it is feasible to launch Jericho Road in your community:

  • Survey nonprofit needs
  • Find the volunteer experts to meet those needs
  • Raise funds to hire a Jericho Road Director

Jericho Road in your community is a local, personal, and cost-effective way to unleash skills-based volunteer power in your community, and can make a difference in the lives of those who need it most.