Open a Jericho Road Affiliate?

What is a Jericho Road Affiliate

It is the Jericho Road model brought to life in your community.

A Jericho Road site includes a full-time Director, a volunteer coordinator, and a Board of Directors, all committed to assessing nonprofit needs in a community, and recruiting and matching skills-based volunteers to meet those needs. More than a nonprofit development organization, Jericho Road is a community development organization. Each Affiliate's longterm commitment to understanding nonprofit needs is more broadly a commitment to understanding and meeting community needs.

How we help

Jericho Road matches volunteer skills with nonprofit needs. Our Jericho Road Directors are embedded in their communities and get to know their nonprofit clients and volunteers one-on-one.  They can help nonprofits identify and prioritize projects in key areas – IT, strategic planning, business development, accounting, marketing – which they lack the resources to tackle.  No-obligation meetings allow volunteer experts to meet with nonprofit managers to see whether and how they might work together.  Directors follow the progress of each project, and when a project is completed, review the experience and project results with all involved.  The 40-50 volunteer projects completed annually in a community creates a rising tide that lifts all boats.  Simply put, as nonprofits grow in strength over time, so may the communities in which they serve.

Training and matching executives with nonprofit boards.  Well-trained boards with members who understand their roles – governance, fiscal and legal oversight, and fundraising – provide ongoing support and resources that enable nonprofits to do their jobs more effectively.  In line with our mission, Jericho Road prepares and places executives for service on nonprofit boards, where they can make a difference not only by volunteering time and experience, but also by brokering relationships, making donations or accessing corporate resources. Our hands-on placement process matches a potential board member's expertise and passion for mission and with the needs of a nonprofit board, to ensure a mutually rewarding match.

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How does match-matching between volunteers and nonprofits work?

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Our process is hands-on and personal and follows a proprietary 7-step process. The Director at each Affiliate invests time getting to really know nonprofits and potential volunteers in his or her community. Directors are embedded in their communities, so they not only respond to nonprofit requests for help, but also learn to identify emerging needs and proactively suggest volunteer expertise that can meet those needs.

New projects – such as a re-designed website or an annual strategic plan – begin after nonprofit managers apply for assistance and volunteers are interviewed and have a “no obligation” meeting with the nonprofit. Once the two sides agree to work together, the project is off and running. Directors manage the collaboration, check in on progress often, and track the results of work done.  On average, sites create between 40 and 50 successful volunteer matches each year.  For more about our collaborations, see Success Stories.

Jericho Road also matches volunteers by training and then placing them for service on nonprofit boards. The Leadership Connection, a Jericho Road Project program,  gives participants the knowledge and skills to be great board members, then helps them find a good “fit” on a nonprofit board.

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