Starting Your Affiliate

The Jericho Road is a real adventure!  It begins with a Leadership Team, a group of people committed to “walking through” our four stages of site exploration and development during 8-12 months' time.

Because new sites start from scratch, a Leadership Team must be highly committed to the long term tasks of Affiliate development. But no Team is ever alone;  Jericho Road staff and a detailed manual – based on over ten years' experience – help guide Teams through each stage of development.  At the end of each stage, Team members will assess whether to move forward and commit to the work outlined in the following stage.

Stage 1 – Explore the Landscape

A good Jericho Road “landscape” includes a solid base of nonprofit organizations that are interested in skills-based volunteer consultants and a large group of professionals willing to volunteer their expertise in a variety of skill areas, from marketing and business development, to IT and accounting.  A good landscape also includes sufficient individual donor and grant funding to sustain a site.  The Leadership Team uses surveys and other tools to determine whether their community has a nonprofit “demand” for volunteer expertise,  a “supply” of willing volunteers and a potential funding base, before they move on to Stage 2.

Stage 2 – Raise Funds

Fundraising requires raising a budget to support the work of a full-time Director, and ideally an admin. A Director will cultivate relationships with volunteers and nonprofits, as well as create and manage up to 40 collaborative projects per year that will engage 30-40 nonprofit organizations and even more volunteers. Team members will leverage the grant and individual donor prospecting work they did in the exploratory stage to seek both grant funding and individual donations that will amount to at least one year of operating expenses, before they move on to the next stage.

Stage 3 – Launch Your Affiliate

Once funding is in place, the Team, with support from Jericho Road Project, recruits and hires a Director who has the skills to fulfill the Jericho Road mission in your community. The Team will launch a new nonprofit entity or choose to embed the site in an existing one. It will also create a Board of Directors to support the Director's work that may include members of the Leadership Team.

Stage 4 – Become a Jericho Road Community Member

A new Jericho Road will join other Affiliates, and benefit from their accrued experience through JRP trainings and literature. Members will also join our Learning Community where  Directors and board members can communicate regularly to share best practices and continually improve our working model.  Members also participate in annual face-to-face Learning Community conferences to decide how to evolve our model, and to celebrate our shared work.
To learn more about opening a Jericho Road site, please contact us at