Success Stories

What makes a Jericho Road collaboration special?  Read on!

Growing a public garden’s financial success.

Several years ago in Pasadena, CA, the McKenneys built Arlington Gardens from a vacant three-acre lot into a lovely public garden that features winding paths, a classic labyrinth, lush “garden rooms,” and nearly 400 trees, including a fragrant orange grove. While the garden flourished, the organization's financial procedures and records needed some TLC. Judy, a seasoned financial expert and regular garden visitor, jumped at the chance to use her expertise in service to the garden she loves.

Diving into the task at hand, Judy analyzed Arlington Garden’s financial records and quickly recognized the organization needed to develop more robust accounting documents and procedures, including an audited financial statement. Once the work is complete, the Garden will be able to reach another important goal: Demonstrating a strong financial picture in order to purchase the land it presently uses.

The whole community feels grateful for what the McKenneys have done,” affirms Judy. And Arlington Gardens is just as grateful to Judy for sharing her lifelong professional experience with them.

IT intervention keeps the doors open.

Girls, Inc. in Worcester, MA, has been serving girls during their elementary through high school years for almost a century. Programs give girls opportunities to take healthy risks, build leadership skills, and master physical, intellectual, social and emotional challenges.
Staff turnover a couple of year ago, however, left an infrastructure gap, as well as outstanding IT needs, so the organization applied to Jericho Road Worcester for a technology capacity assessment and a knowledge management project. After many hours of dedicated service, volunteers Kara and David completed both projects, and a major back office transformation – new IT and information management systems – with no breaks in service for any Girls, Inc. clients.

JRW volunteers saved Girls, Inc. thousands of dollars in equipment and consulting fees, as well as organizing and protecting key documents for the future. Says former CEO Cathi Coridan about the projects, “Our staff works hard to deliver quality programs and services to our girls; they need to know that the infrastructure is there to support them . . . Jericho Road Worcester gave us expert short-term help that will create a longterm benefit to our bottom line.”

Nurses who lead with presence.

The same nurses who made home visits in Lowell through the Visiting Nurses Association (VNA) are also asked to speak to larger groups about services and health topics. While nursing care is a comfort zone for most, public speaking is not.

When the VNA saw staff struggling to speak more comfortably and effectively to both lay and clinical audences about important topics, such as caregiver support and health care specialties, they asked Jericho Road to step in. Help came from the Ariel Group, whose expertise is training professionals to build communication and leadership skills using theater-based techniques.  Ariel tailored their “Leading with Presence” program to meet the needs of 16 VNA staff members, and followed up with one-on-one coaching with individual participants on the day of each person's presentation.

Says Irene Egan, VNA's Director of Community Development, “I don't have enough exclamation points to describe the fabulous Ariel training . . . [it] will make a tremendous difference to the VNA of Greater Lowell, to each of us individually and as a team, and eventually to our community and the people who need our care.  This was exactly what we needed.”