Mission and Vision

At Jericho Road, we bridge communities by matching the professional talents of volunteers with the needs of community-based nonprofit organizations and businesses to promote community development, strengthen social services, and enrich lives.

What we know

Affordable housing, youth and education, family services, health care, arts and culture, and the environment, and more – enhance the quality of life in cities and towns, particularly those with low-income populations.

Often the nonprofits entrusted with serving others are in great need themselves.  Over-extended staff and underfunded programming are frequent hallmarks of their daily existence.  Improving services, or simply sustaining services, can feel like daunting tasks with little staff time and fewer resources to devote to important operational and strategic challenges

Skilled professionals who support nonprofits by volunteering their time and expertise can bridge this gap.  An influx of skills and resources can free nonprofit staff to work more on program delivery, and less on fundraising and infrastructure.